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eBay's audience is not only broad, widely covering all demographics, they are also extremely engaged, spending over 2 hours on the site per month on average and visiting the eBay website 12 times a month*.

eBay customers are shopping not browsing. That means they're paying attention to the information in front of them.

eBay customers are paying attention

According to the eBuyers Mind Research in the UK, France & Germany, consumers are more receptive to advertising messages on ecommerce sites than on other websites.

And according to the Roy Morgan Product Poll (Australia), November 2009 to October 2010, users are more likely to click on ads on eBay than on NineMSN. 

eBay customers spend billions of dollars online

eBay customers are spending like there is no tomorrow! Today, predominately provides brand new products at a set price**.

On the Australian site;
  • 78% of all items available for sale are new**
  • 79% of all fashion sales are for new clothes, shoes and accessories**
  • 67% of all consumer electronics sales are for new products**
  • 72% of all toy sales are for new products**

*Nielsen, average time per person, year ending January 2011
**eBay internal data, February 2011